The Association PAP leads one project of development cooperation in Bolivia 2015

Barcelona Provincial Council has awarded the Catalan Association of Municipalities for Selective Collection Door to Door one subsidy within the framework of development cooperation projects of the call 2015 to carry out the project "Implementation selective collection, composting and recycling in Bolivia."

This project is a continuation of technical assistance to municipalities of Tiquipaya and Vinto in Bolivia, awarded by the provincial government of Barcelona in the call for 2014. At this stage the partnership will be made by the Association PaP, the Waste Agency of Catalonia, the Commonwealth la Plana and company Spora.

In the first phase in the 2014 was carried out the development of the Plan of Implementation of the selective collection in the municipalities of Tiquipaya and Vinto and the design of the communication campaign and citizen participation, which has led to a pilot in one of the districts in each municipality.

In the 2015 the project is planned to extend the selective collection in three districts of each municipality and implement the media campaign through television and radio spots, campaing door-to-door in the village and schools. Furthermore, in addition to consolidate and give continuity to the work done in the municipalities of Tiquipaya and Vinto, transfer these experiencies to municipalities the commonwealth of Valle Alto, with developing a plan for implementing the selective collection and establishing technical exchanges between the two municipalities and of the Commonwealth.

Moreover, strengthen technical processes relating to composting and acopio and selling recyclable waste, due to the high potential for social inclusion and economic entrepreneurship of various groups at risk of social exclusion, in almost all cases formed by women, as of women composting plant operators, association of women producing flowers, association of women for recycling and agricultural associations.